Pain Tracking of Clients



  • Comprehensive Data for Case Building: The real-time data collection on pain levels, affected body areas, and impact on life can provide a robust foundation for building a persuasive personal injury case.
  • Objective Evidence: Pain tracking creates a record of objective data that can be crucial for substantiating claims, thereby potentially increasing the likelihood of a favorable settlement or court judgment.
  • Client Trust: Being able to monitor a client’s pain and recovery can also foster greater trust and rapport, as it shows commitment to understanding and representing the client’s condition accurately.
  • Legal Strategy: The data can be used to develop a more effective legal strategy. For example, if the pain levels are not decreasing over time despite medical treatment, this could be used to argue for higher compensation.
  • Timeline Visualization: Attorneys can present the pain tracking data in a chronological timeline, making it easier to demonstrate the duration and severity of the client’s suffering during legal proceedings.
  • Resource Allocation: Knowing the severity and impact of a client’s injuries in real-time allows for better prioritization of cases that may require immediate or aggressive action.

Problems Solved

  1. Evidence Gathering: Provides an organized and time-stamped log of pain levels and affected areas, making it easier to collect and present evidence.
  2. Client Communication: Facilitates better communication with the client about their condition, enabling the attorney to provide more personalized legal advice.
  3. Case Valuation: Helps in more accurately estimating the value of the case based on the quantifiable impact of the injury on the client’s life.
  4. Negotiation Leverage: The data can serve as a powerful tool during settlement negotiations, helping to substantiate the client’s claims and argue for fair compensation.
  5. Expert Testimony: The data can be used to support expert medical testimony, making the case stronger.

Pain Tracking is a game-changer for personal injury attorneys, offering them a more scientific and data-driven approach to representing their clients.