Our Mission

Our mission is to help personal injury attorneys secure better cases for their clients by tracking “life impacting” pain, appointments, and documents using mobile technologies.

Why MyCaseCare?

We believe that individuals who have experienced accidents should have the opportunity to concentrate on their recovery while optimizing their case value, which can address both present and future pain and suffering. Achieving this objective requires enhanced and streamlined communication among all involved parties in a case.

How does MyCaseCare help?

Building easy to use, reliable products that leverage the power of the internet, cloud computing, and ubiquitous mobile access.

Who is MyCaseCare?

We are a team of technical entrepreneurs and industry experts who firmly believe in the power of applying technical solutions to solve problems and simplify life. We are focused on applying these technologies to the legal industry to help attorneys better serve their clients.

We are lead by Dr. Ronald L. Hollis, serial entrepreneur and organizational strategist and Christina Leitner, a veteran of the legal and medical space for personal injury.

Please reach out anytime to discuss how we can collaborate to positively impact the world!