Outbound Referrals
to Service Providers



  • Extended Service Offering: Allows the attorney to provide additional value by referring clients to trusted service providers (e.g., car repair shops, medical specialists). It enables the firm to act as a hub of resources, going beyond legal representation to offer a full-service experience
  • Referral Tracking: The system keeps a log of all outbound referrals and subsequent client engagement with the service providers.
  • Quality Control: By referring clients to known and trusted service providers, the attorney can ensure that the client receives high-quality service.
  • Client Convenience: Simplifies the process for clients to find reliable service providers, making the overall experience more convenient.
  • Enhanced Client Relationship: Offering this additional layer of service can significantly enhance client satisfaction and loyalty.

Problems Solved

  1. One-Stop Solution: The feature allows the attorney’s practice to become a one-stop solution for clients, covering not just legal but also other immediate needs.
  2. Quality Assurance: Referring clients to trusted providers ensures a minimum standard of service, thereby avoiding potential issues that could arise from using unknown or unverified providers.
  3. Efficiency: The tracking system allows the attorney to follow up efficiently, ensuring that the client is satisfied with the referred service.
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: By tracking client engagement with referred service providers, the attorney can make informed decisions about which providers to continue recommending.
  5. Client Satisfaction: Making the client’s life easier by directing them to ideal service providers can significantly enhance overall satisfaction and potentially lead to more referrals to the attorney.

The Outbound Referrals feature serves as a win-win for both personal injury attorneys and their clients. It not only adds an extra layer of service that can differentiate the firm but also streamlines the client’s journey during a stressful time. This is particularly valuable in personal injury cases, where clients may have a range of urgent needs beyond legal representation.