Brand Recognition with App

Unique ability to have continuous branding within the mobile device of the client.


  • Brand Consistency: Enables law firms to maintain brand consistency by incorporating their logos, color schemes, and other brand elements within the mobile application.
  • Client Engagement: By having the law firm’s brand prominently displayed in an app that clients frequently use, it keeps the firm top-of-mind and fosters brand loyalty.
  • Visibility: Increases the firm’s brand visibility every time the client interacts with the app, contributing to brand equity.

Problems Solved

  1. Brand Reinforcement: Having the firm’s branding within the app used by the client serves as a constant reminder and reinforcement of the firm’s brand.
  2. Client Retention: A branded app can contribute to client retention, as clients are more likely to associate the firm with utility and accessibility.
  3. Differentiation: A branded app sets the firm apart from competitors who may not offer a similar feature, thus providing a unique selling point.
  4. Brand Equity: Frequent interaction with the app increases the number of “eyeballs” on the firm’s brand, thereby increasing brand equity.
  5. Integrated Marketing: The app serves as an additional channel for integrated marketing, supporting other brand promotion efforts by the firm.
By enabling law firms to integrate their branding into an application that resides on their clients’ mobile devices, this feature offers a potent way to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty, as well as increase brand equity.