Appointment Tracking


Appointment Tracking provides significant information to the attorney when a client has a major medical appointment (e.g. MRI, surgeon, etc.) . The attorney can easily get feedback on the client attendance and the results.


  • Appointment Monitoring: Ability to capture details of appointments that are either completed or missed by the client.
  • Reason Tracking: If an appointment is missed, the system can capture the reason why it was missed (e.g., no transportation, forgot, etc.).
  • Automated Alerts: The system can notify both the client and the attorney’s practice in case of missed appointments, facilitating timely follow-up actions.
  • Comprehensive Records: Maintains a detailed log of all appointments, whether completed or missed, for auditing and case-building purposes.
  • Client Accountability: Helps the attorney keep track of how responsibly the client is following through with medical appointments, which is crucial information for legal cases.

Problems Solved

  1. Case Building: Knowing whether the client is following medical advice and attending appointments can be a crucial part of building a solid personal injury case.
  2. Client Compliance: Helps the attorney understand the level of compliance and responsibility shown by the client, which can be a factor during legal proceedings.
  3. Identify Barriers: Understanding why a client misses an appointment (e.g., no transportation, scheduling conflicts) allows the attorney to potentially help solve those issues.
  4. Documentation: Maintaining a comprehensive record can provide an additional layer of evidence, potentially strengthening the case.
  5. Automated Follow-Up: With the ability for automatic alerts, the attorney’s practice can take immediate action if a client misses an appointment, thereby ensuring that the client is adhering to necessary medical guidelines.
  6. Improved Client Management: With a full record of appointments, the practice can more effectively manage each client’s case, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

This Appointment Tracker is a substantial asset for personal injury attorneys, helping not only with case management but also potentially influencing the outcome of the case itself. It aligns with the need for meticulous record-keeping and client management that is often required in legal practices.