Marketing Communications

A Marketing Communications feature is vital for keeping the lines of communication open between personal injury attorneys and their clients. It ensures that both parties are well-informed and up-to-date on case developments.


  • Real-Time Communication: Enables attorneys and their staff to send immediate notifications to clients via the app.
  • Notification Tracking: Keeps a detailed log of all notifications sent, including who sent them and when.
  • Client Engagement Metrics: Tracks whether the client has read the notification and/or taken any action, providing valuable insights into client engagement.
  • Audit Trail: Records all notifications by date and sender, creating a permanent, searchable archive for future reference.

Problems Solved

  1. Timely Updates: Ensures that clients receive important updates in real-time, keeping them informed and engaged.
  2. Accountability: By tracking who sent each notification, the feature promotes accountability within the attorney’s practice.
  3. Client Responsiveness: Knowing whether a client has read a notification or taken action allows the attorney to gauge the level of client responsiveness and engagement.
  4. Legal Documentation: Recording all notifications helps create an audit trail, which could be useful for legal or compliance reasons.
  5. Streamlined Communication: The Notifications feature centralizes communication in one platform, making it easier for both attorneys and clients to keep track of updates.

This Notifications feature is a key tool for personal injury attorneys, enhancing client communication and engagement while providing valuable data for case management. The feature’s tracking capabilities also offer an added layer of accountability, ensuring that both the legal team and the client remain aligned throughout the legal process.